juliatagcJulia Kreiner

Julia is a PhD candidate in the Wright lab studying the convergent evolution of herbicide resistance in problematic weeds.

Mail: julia.kreiner @ mail.utoronto.ca


Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 6.14.04 PM

Amardeep Singh

Mail: amardeep.singh @ mail.utoronto.ca



halpIcan'tDoClassyZoë Humphries

Zoë is an MSc student in the Wright and Barrett labs studying the evolution of epigenetics on plant sex chromosomes. She knits, rock climbs, dragon boats, talks to her plants, and would love you to stop by to say hi (or just to vent and sample from her stress chocolate drawer).

Mail: zoe.humphries @ mail.utoronto.ca



tinygeorgia.jpegGeorgia Henry

Georgia is a PhD student in the Stinchcombe lab studying the quantitative genetics of range limits in morning glories. She can often be found in the greenhouse wondering when her plants will finally stop flowering. She previously worked as an award-winning, nationally competitive barista. She takes no shit.

Mail: georgia.henry @ mail.utoronto.ca


Campus Representatives

Ashley is a glyptodont.pngAshley Reynolds (ROM)

Ashley is a PhD student in the Evans lab, where she studies the growth dynamics and ecology of living and extinct cats – especially sabre-toothed cats! She’s a big fan of science communication and promoting diversity and equity in STEM fields. When she’s not in the lab, you can often find her drinking a beer or watching copious amounts of television. Feel free to say hello if you’re a ROM student!

Mail: ashley.reynolds @ mail.utoronto.ca

Me in greenhouseJames Santangelo (UTM)

James is a PhD candidate co-supervised by Marc Johnson and Rob Ness at UTM. He is currently using theoretical, empirical and genomic approaches to examine parallel adaptive and non-adaptive evolutionary responses to urban environments using the model plant white clover (Trifolium repens). Read more about his work here: jssantangelo.com

Mail: james.santangelo @ mail.utoronto.ca

seanSean Anderson (UTSC)

Sean is a PhD student in the Weir lab, where he uses tropical vertebrate clades (birds and freshwater fishes) to test hypotheses about the effect of macroecological variables on evolution, including the rate and mode of lineage diversification. He is particularly interested in how new diversity forms on continents, where there is no “original paucity”. Awful sun hats bring him no shame. He is known to enjoy reading Golf Quarterly.

Mail: sean.anderson @ mail.utoronto.ca


EEBU Representative

madelineMadeline Peters

Madeline is a PhD student in the Mideo group studying parasite evolution and ecology. She does a lot of math and modeling by day, and keeps undergrads alive as a don at New College by night.

Mail: madeline.peters @ mail.utoronto.ca


GSU Representative

IMG_9218Nishant Singh

Nishant is a fourth year PhD student in the Andrade Lab. He is working on uncovering the factors that promote early stages of social evolution using black widow spiders as a model system. He also loves to DANCE.

Mail: nishant.singh @ mail.utoronto.ca


CUPE Stewards

timermanDavid Timerman

David is a PhD candidate in the Barrett lab studying the evolution of wind pollination. He is dedicated to his duty of representing his comrades.

Mail: david.timerman @ mail.utoronto.ca


Student Seminars & Journal Club

IMG_0164_rachelAriel Greiner

Ariel is a PhD student in the Krkošek and Fortin labs studying coral reef connectivity using mathematical modelling, spatial statistics and (hopefully) field studies. She spends her days staring at her computer trying to make sense of math and is always happy to chat!

Mail: ariel.greiner @ mail.utoronto.ca

zoe1Zoë Humphries


Mail: zoe.humphries @ mail.utoronto.ca


Social Chairs

benoitDavid Benoit

David is a PhD student in the Jackson lab studying freshwater fish productivity. He is the party.

Mail: d.benoit @ mail.utoronto.ca


Leila Forsyth20170502_122010_HDR

Leila studies the community assembly of herbaceous plants, specifically how their morphological traits influence competition and coexistence across space and time.

Mail: leila.forsyth @ utoronto.ca


Health & Safety

D_TimermanDavid Timerman

He will protect us.

Mail: david.timerman @ mail.utoronto.ca


Mental Health

ariel2Ariel Greiner

Still corals. Also likes cats.

Mail: ariel.greiner @ mail.utoronto.ca

bowmasterZoë Humphries

She claims the reason she’s never gotten a bulls-eye is that she cheers for the target…but we’re pretty sure she’s just terrible.

Mail: zoe.humphries @ mail.utoronto.ca

bonnieBonnie Pilkington-Lindo

Bonnie is an MSc student in the Stinchcombe lab. She loves cats, books, being outside, and sailing. Come drop by her office or send her a message if you’re in need of a non-judgemental ear.

Mail: bonnie.pilkington @ mail.utoronto.ca



benoitDavid Benoit

David always brings home the bacon.

Mail: d.benoit @ mail.utoronto.ca




KSR Retreat

katie-photo-framed.pngKatie Brown

Katie (was) a MSc student in the Gilbert Lab studying the contribution of communities and their interaction in the persistence of rare species. She has been behind the curtain of nearly everything in the department for the past two years.

Mail: katie.brown @ mail.utoronto.ca

Denon_StartDenon Start

Denon is a PhD candidate in the Gilbert lab studying communities, behaviour, and trophic interactions.

Mail: denon.start @ utoronto.ca


Atwood Chair

DSC_0478-1Tyler Kent

Tyler is a PhD student in Stephen Wright’s lab studying the evolution of selection, mutation, and recombination after transitions in mating system and ploidy, with a particular interest in how these forces shape patterns of linked selection and introgression in genomes. He likes plants, cats, and bikes.

Mail: tyler.kent @ mail.utoronto.ca


IT & Social Media

Tyler KentIMG_20170607_111816-1

Tyler is the administrator of this website and the EEB Twitter. He tweets a lot.

Mail: tyler.kent @ mail.utoronto.ca

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