20170502_110148Leila Forsyth

Leila is a PhD student in the Gilbert lab studying the patterns of diversity in ecological plant communities. She murders plants for science and loves her (not fat) wiener dog an unhealthy amount.

Mail: leila.forsyth <at> utoronto.ca



Rosemary MartinDSCN6738

Rosie is a PhD candidate in the McCauley lab at UTM. She’s interested in how winter affects aquatic insects (dragonflies, caddisflies and more!). When she’s not in/on a pond, she likes riding the UTM shuttle bus, which has lost her an inch in height due to spinal compaction each year. Her goal is to graduate before she’s no longer allowed to ride on the big-kid rides at Canada’s Wonderland.

Mail: rosemary.martin <at> mail.utoronto.ca



halpIcan'tDoClassyZoë Humphries

Zoë is an PhD student in the Wright and Barrett labs studying the evolution of epigenetics on plant sex chromosomes. She knits, rock climbs, dragon boats, talks to her plants, and would love you to stop by to say hi (or just to vent and sample from her stress chocolate drawer).

Mail: zoe.humphries <at> mail.utoronto.ca



tinygeorgiaGeorgia Henry

Georgia is a PhD student in the Stinchcombe lab studying the quantitative genetics of range limits in morning glories. She can often be found in the greenhouse wondering when her plants will finally stop flowering. She previously worked as an award-winning, nationally competitive barista. She takes no shit.

Mail: georgia.henry <at> mail.utoronto.ca


Campus Representatives

IMG_9421Talia Lowi-Merri (ROM)

Talia is a PhD student studying the evolution of flight across the dinosaur-bird transition using ecomorphology, comparative anatomy, and phylogenetics. Legend has it that a ferocious beast creeps the cavernous depths of the ROM, but few have witnessed it with their own eyes. Talia has bravely volunteered her unique skills in flame-archery and reptile hypnosis to protect the department from this dreadful monster. And maybe she will share with you some extremely cool ROM events while she’s at it. 

Mail: talia.lowi.merri <at> mail.utoronto.ca


Simon Innes (UTM)InnesScropheadshot.png

Simon is a Master’s student in Marc Johnson’s Lab. He uses white clover (Trifloium repens) to test hypotheses about adaptation to climate change. He hides his secrets in his beard.

Mail: simon.innes <at> mail.utoronto.ca



seanSean Anderson (UTSC)

Sean is a PhD student in the Weir lab, where he uses tropical vertebrate clades (birds and freshwater fishes) to test hypotheses about the effect of macroecological variables on evolution, including the rate and mode of lineage diversification. He is particularly interested in how new diversity forms on continents, where there is no “original paucity”. Awful sun hats bring him no shame. He is known to enjoy reading Golf Quarterly.

Mail: seanas.anderson <at> mail.utoronto.ca


EEBU Representative

image1Madeline Peters

Madeline is a PhD student in the Mideo group studying parasite evolution and ecology. She does a lot of math and modeling by day, and triggers existential crises with her piercing, unlidded orange eyes by night.

Mail: madeline.peters <at> mail.utoronto.ca


EEB Graduate Mentorship Representatives


53379780_10161478163070613_2313816250926497792_nLaura Third

Laura is a MSc student in her final semester in the Jackson lab. When you can’t find her on campus gushing about bugs and fisheries policy, she’s probably building rock sculptures down at Tommy Thompson. And, she is always looking forward to having coffee with you.

Mail: laura.third <at> mail.utoronto.ca


Zoë Humphriesbowmaster

Shooting positivity and inclusion straight at your new graduate students’ hearts.

Mail: zoe.humphries <at> mail.utoronto.ca





GSU Representative

IMG_9218Nishant Singh

Nishant is a fifth year PhD student in the Andrade Lab. He is working on uncovering the factors that promote early stages of social evolution using black widow spiders as a model system. He also loves to DANCE.

Mail: nishant.singh <at> mail.utoronto.ca


CUPE Stewards

IMG_2614Sean Anderson

Sean is a PhD student in the Weir lab. Here is another photo of him, this time standing in front of a photograph of a mountain.

Mail: seanas.anderson <at> mail.utoronto.ca




Vicki Zhang

Vicki is an MSc student in the Kotanen Lab studying the ecology of invasive species, specifically at range edges.  She likes (in no particular order) lifting heavy things, reading, table tennis, dragon boat, dragonflies and tea. She’s a runner but will never run away from any of your CUPE questions!

Mail: vm.zhang <at> mail.utoronto.ca





Sigi Maho

Sigi is an MSc student in the Reisz lab at UTM. She is studying vertebrate paleontology using histology and CT methods on extinct synapsid specimens from Richards Spur.

Mail: sigi.maho <at> mail.utoronto.ca



Bianca SacchiIMG_1360

Bianca is an MSc student in the wright lab studying the evolution of gene expression in plants.

Mail: bianca.sacchi <at> mail.utoronto.ca


2019_0205-grittyPrashastha Mishra

Prashastha is a PhD student in the Agrawal lab and is here to support all CUPE comrades.

Mail: prashastha.mishra <at> mail.utoronto.ca


Student Seminars & Journal Club


George Sandler

George is a PhD student in the Wright and Agrawal labs researching the evolution of recombination/sexual reproduction using both genomic and experimental approaches.

Mail: george.sandler <at> mail.utoronto.ca

Radana MolnarovaDSC_7509 (2)

Radana is an MSc student in the Rowe lab. She is interested in patterns of differential immune investment and the potential consequences of those differences in insects. Her interests include letting her inner 8-year-old run wild by catching creepy crawlies and exploring the world with her tiny dog, Brian.

Mail: radana.molnarova <at> mail.utoronto.ca


Social Chairs


Jenn Bontje

Jenn is a MSc. student in the Jackson lab. She is currently using distribution modelling techniques to inform conservation efforts for Lake Chubsucker, an endangered freshwater fish. She enjoys knitting, hiking, and scicomm.

Mail: jennifer.bontje <at> mail.utoronto.ca


Georgia Henrytinygeorgia

Seriously, she takes no shit.

Mail: georgia.henry <at> mail.utoronto.ca


Health & Safety

IMG_6729Bianca Sacchi

She will protect us.

Likes: live music, dogs, trees, safety

Dislikes: things that are not safe

Mail: bianca.sacchi <at> mail.utoronto.ca


Mental Wellness

Tania Barreraegsa_photo_TBarrera

Tania is a PhD student in the Agrawal Lab studying the influence of environment in sex-specific selection and evolution of sexual dimorphism. Her passions include birds, music, dogspotting and eating too much ice cream. Always happy to help – come find her for a walk, a coffee or just a chat.

Mail: t.barrera <at> mail.utoronto.ca




Tia Harrison

Tia is a PhD student in Stinchcombe and Frederickson labs studying the mutualism between leguminous plants and rhizobia. Tia loves practicing and teaching yoga, books, cats, chocolate, and tea!

Mail: tia.harrison <at> mail.utoronto.ca

Priya Vaidya20180927_184305

Priya is a PhD student in John Stinchcombe’s lab studying the maintenance of genetic variation in legume-rhizobia mutualisms. She loves superheroes and wishes she had her own superpowers, but makes do with her heightened ability to accurately anticipate bad things (some call it anxiety, she calls it her “spidey sense”). If you every need someone to talk to, please reach out and she will do her best to help you!

Mail: p.vaidya <at> mail.utoronto.ca

2019 Coors Light NHL Stadium Series - Pittsburgh Penguins v Philadelphia FlyersLeila Krichel

Leila is a PhD student in the Krkosek lab. Leila radiates positive vibes.

Mail: leila.krichel <at> mail.utoronto.ca




We accept any and all donations. Cash. The leftover stir fry in the back of your fridge. Stolen time. Flat beer. Release from this furry orange prison.




Atwood Chair

cutAmardeep Singh

Amardeep is a PhD student in the Agrawal lab. If you find him, let us know.

Mail: amardeep.singh <at> utoronto.ca




Tyler KentIMG_20170607_111816-1

Tyler is the administrator of this website and the EEB Twitter. He tweets a lot.

Mail: tyler.kent @ mail.utoronto.ca

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