DSC_0806Viviana Astudillo

Viviana is a fifth year PhD student in the Lopez-Fernandez lab at the ROM. Her research focuses on the systematics and evolution of swimming morphology in riverine cichlid fishes. Viviana is also a visual artist, with a special love for natural history art and mural painting.

Mail: viviana.astudillo <at> mail.utoronto.ca

Danielle de Carle

Mail: danielle.decarle <at> mail.utoronto.ca


54153_515274471829915_2123983316_oIna Anreiter

Ina is a PhD student in the Sokolowski Lab and studies environmental effects on behaviour, and the molecular processes that underlie these effects. In her free time Ina loves drinking the beer she brews on her balcony.

Mail: ina.anreiter <at> mail.utoronto.ca



Tyler KentDSC_0623-1

Tyler is a third year PhD student in the Wright Lab. He studies comparative genomics of the Brassicaceae and population genomics in the genus Capsella. He likes plants and cats.

Mail: tyler.kent <at> mail.utoronto.ca



Campus Representatives

Ashley Reynolds (ROM)

Cylita Guy (UTM)SONY DSC

Cylita has gained a lot of experience talking to people about all sorts of things (sometimes science based, sometimes not) while working at the Ontario Science Centre. So if you’re a UTM student and need something, come say hello!

Mail: cylita.guy <at> mail.utoronto.ca


Rowshyra Casteñeda (UTSC)

EEBU Representative

Cylita GuyDSC07455

Cylita is a PhD student in the Mideo and Ratcliffe labs. She studies bats and the viruses that they carry. You can also find her getting the general public excited about science at various science communication events across the city. Cylita loves her bats, but also her rock climbing.

Mail: cylita.guy <at> mail.utoronto.ca

GSU Representative

Nishant Singh

CUPE Stewards

Rebecca ShalkowskiIMG_20160916_190328299

As someone who was born on the inside of the former inner-German wall, Rebecca naturally had to become one of the CUPE stewards for EEB. Socialism forever. </sarcasm>

Mail: rebecca.schalkowski <at> mail.utoronto.ca

2014-12-28 16.04.28Gigi Hoi

Gigi is a PhD student in the Mideo Lab. As someone who was born as a lowly colonial, Gigi naturally had to become to become the other CUPE steward for EEB. Anti-exploitation forever. </not quite sarcastic>
PS Deer was unamused because I didn’t compensate her for the selfie. Oops.
Mail: amber.hoi <at> mail.utoronto.ca

Student Seminars & Journal Club

Julia Kreiner

Katie Brown

Kate is a MSc student in the Gilbert Lab. She uses field experiments to study how trophic interactions influence species coexistence. In her spare time, Kate likes shooting arrows, baking pretzels and talking to plants.

Mail: katie.brown <at> mail.utoronto.ca

Social Chair

IMG_7250Melanie Massey

Melanie is an outdoors-lover and critter enthusiast. She is doing her M.Sc. on Snapping Turtles. She is also a mental health advocate, and hopes to combine social events with mental health-positive activities this upcoming year.

Mail: melanie.massey <at> mail.utoronto.ca



Health & Safety

Rebecca ShalkowskiDSC01222

Rebecca would like her department and the people in it to be healthy and safe.

Mail: rebecca.schalkowski <at> mail.utoronto.ca

Mental Health

DSC00774Rebecca Shalkowski

Rebecca is an international PhD student in the Cutter lab who is studying giant sperm in Caenorhabditis nematodes. She is also a travel, baking and hiking enthusiast, and the occasional department pet sitter.

Mail: rebecca.schalkowski <at> mail.utoronto.ca



Tom BombadilIMG_7643

Tom Bombadil is EEB’s unofficial resident therapy dog. In his free time he enjoys napping and chewing on things. He’s a good boy.

Mail: Answers to Bombadil or Bomba





Charlotte DeKeyzer

Atwood Chair

Felix Beaudry

IT & Social Media

Tyler KentIMG_20170607_111816-1

Tyler is the administrator of this website and the EEB Twitter. He tweets a lot.

Mail: tyler.kent <at> mail.utoronto.ca




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