Georgia Henry

Mail: georgia.henry <at> mail.utoronto.ca

George Sandler

Mail: george.sandler <at> mail.utoronto.ca


Tania Barrera

Mail: t.barrera <at> mail.utoronto.ca



Pooja Nathan

Pooja is a PhD student at the Frederickson lab and studies the evolutionary ecology of multiple mutualisms. In her spare time, Pooja enjoys reading fiction, nature photography and cooking, and is always happy to treat you to some home-cooked Indian food!

Mail: pooja.nathan <at> mail.utoronto.ca

Campus Representatives

Kevin Anderson (ROM)

Kevin is an M.Sc. student in the Kvist lab. He is studying Reichenowia, a group of rhizobial bacteria that have taken up residence within the throats of leeches. They appear to be synthesizing nutrients that the leeches cannot obtain from a blood-only diet. Rumor has it he is still asking the ROM management for the WiFi password.

Mail: kc.anderson <at> mail.utoronto.ca

Vicki Zhang (UTM)

Vicki is a Master’s student in the Kotanen Lab studying invasive species in the subarctic. Like an undercover spy, she passes information from UTM to UTSG, except she’s probably the most conspicuous, un-secret agent you know. She also likes (in no particular order) lifting heavy things, racing athletes on Strava, dragon boat, dragonflies, and plants with funny names.

Mail: vm.zhang <at> mail.utoronto.ca


Nishant Singh (UTSC)

Mail: nishant.singh <at> mail.utoronto.ca


EEBU Representative

Tia Harrison

Mail: tia.harrison <at> mail.utoronto.ca

EEB Graduate Mentorship Representative

Patrick Moldowan

Mail: patrick.moldowan <at> mail.utoronto.ca


GSU Representative

Nishant Singh

Mail: nishant.singh <at> mail.utoronto.ca


CUPE Stewards

Bianca Sacchi

Mail: bianca.sacchi <at> mail.utoronto.ca

Athmaja Viswanath

I am a PhD student in the Cutter lab trying to understand how new species are formed by studying interspecies hybrids of the tiny but cool Caenorhabditis nematodes. In my free time I love to do art and watch true-crime documentaries. I am always up for Tea (Chai) or hot chocolate no matter what the weather or time of the day it is!!

Mail: athmaja.viswanath <at> mail.utoronto.ca


Student Seminars & Journal Club

Lisa Erdle

Lisa is a 4th year PhD in the Rochman Lab. When not on campus with her lab fish, you can find Lisa riding bikes or spending time on the water near her home on Toronto Island. 

Mail: lisa.erdle <at> mail.utoronto.ca


Rowan French

Mail: rowan.french <at> mail.utoronto.ca


Social Chairs

Ben Downer-Bartholomew

Mail: ben.downer.bartholomew <at> mail.utoronto.ca


Health & Safety

Christopher Brimacombe

Chris is a PhD student in the Fortin lab studying networks in ecology. When not working, he enjoys being healthy and most importantly likes safety.  

Mail: chris.brimacombe <at> mail.utoronto.ca


Mental Health Committee

Tania Barrera

Mail: t.barrera <at> mail.utoronto.ca


Rachel Giles

Rachel is PhD student in the Rochman Lab. She studies plastic pollution and other gross (but cool!) things in urban streams and rivers. Rachel loves talking in the lunch room and hallways of ESC (rip covid), drinking tea and coffee, going on long walks and bike rides and food. Hit her up if you need a long chat, an air hug, or a giant listening ear. 

Mail: rachel.giles <at> mail.utoronto.ca


Pooja Nathan

Still the same Pooja.

Mail: pooja.nathan <at> mail.utoronto.ca

Leila Krichel

Mail: leila.krichel <at> mail.utoronto.ca

Madeline Peters

Madeline is a PhD candidate in the Mideo lab who studies evolution of the parasite that causes malaria using math, programming and general witchcraft. She is a self-proclaimed enthusiast (though not expert) in population genetics, prison abolition and mammals. You can usually find her driving her roommates insane with indoor workouts or laughing at images of Gritty.

Mail: madeline.peters <at> mail.utoronto.ca



Sophie Breitbart

Sophie is a PhD student in the Johnson and Wagner labs studying how urbanization affects the ecology and evolution of common milkweed. When she’s not in the lab, you can find her botanizing the weeds growing in Toronto’s sidewalks or playing the ukulele. If science doesn’t work out, she plans to open a B&B in the wilderness.

Mail: sophie.breitbart <at> mail.utoronto.ca


Tyler Kent

Tyler is the administrator of this website and the EEB twitter. He likes bikes, cats, and food.

Mail: tyler.kent @ mail.utoronto.ca

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