Election results 2018-2019

Here’s our the results of our executive elections for the next year:

Presidents: Julia Kreiner and Amardeep Singh

Secretary: Georgia Henry

Treasurer: Zoë Humphries

Atwood: Tyler Kent

Fundraising: David Benoit

Social: Jalina Bielaska-Da Silva and Leila Forsyth

EEBU: Madeline Peters

CUPE: David Timerman

Health and Safety: David Timerman

GSU: Nishant Singh

Journal Club: Ariel Greiner and Zoë Humphries

KSR: Katie Brown and Denon Start

Mental Health: Jalina Bielaska-Da Silva, Zoë Humphries, Ariel Greiner, and Bonnie Pilkington-Lindo

UTM: James Santangelo

UTSC: Sean Anderson

ROM: Ashley Reynolds

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