EGSA Merchandise


Hello EEB,
We are pleased to announce that we are now ready to take orders for T-shirts!
This year’s winning design was Design #4, with over half of voters placing it as their first or second choice.
This year, we’ll be collecting money from people before placing the order. T-shirts will be $20 each. Please fill out your order in the Google form below, and then remember to give your money to Kelly Carscadden or either one of us before we place the order. The deadline to order will be April 12, and we will be available to take your cash at the Colloquium!
As well, we’ve looked into mugs. We would be able to offer a one-colour design on a latte-style ceramic mug for $10 as long as we order at least 36 mugs. To that effect, we’ve created the following poll to gauge interest. As one-colour designs, Design 1 and Design 3 seem to be the best available candidates for printing on a mug. If we get at least 36 positive responses, we’ll do a proper order. This option would be cheaper than ordering something like this individually from CafePress, which would be $17 per mug before shipping.
Let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Otherwise, happy shopping!
Derek Larson and Robert Williamson
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